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The Crow’s Nest is a self-contained play space with a private entry. The studio rental includes a large main room, fully furnished bathroom and complete kitchen if you need it. Below are photos of both rooms along with individual photos of the equipment/furnishings within each room. Your rental includes the use of all items shown.



The features of the room include:

  • An extra wide padded massage table with overhead infrared heat
  • Massage oil/lube heater
  • Lounge space
  • Stereo system with streamed Pandora music
  • Speakers throughout the space
  • Stereo MP3 connection for playing music through your devices
  • Dispensed chilled water and cups
  • Queen size bed with waterproof cover and under-bed Velcro restraints
  • Sheets for the massage table and bed
  • Cloth hand towels
  • Play bench
  • Oversized sling with full size mirror over it
  • Expandable padded tumbling mats (seen under sling in photos)
  • Padded top toy box with various toys available for use at no extra charge
  • Electric candles to help set the mood
  • Overhead lighting which can be set to any color and multiple patterned movements
  • 12 foot ceilings with multiple hard-points
  • A ladder to reach hard-points
  • 6.5' foot St. Andrews cross
  • Extra chain, carabineers and rope
  • Arm and leg cuffs
  • Electric hoist (can lift 400 pounds)
  • Padded flooring
  • Snacks and candy
  • 10 large/wide backjacks for group events
  • The room's contents can be removed to create 450 sq ft of floor space
  • The walls to the room are all concrete which allows for better sound-proofing. When you're in the Crow's Nest, you have no one to hear any noise that you might make which makes for an even more secure and enjoyable visit for you.










    If you're looking for more floor space, everything in the room, except for the bed and sofa, can easily be removed in under 30 minutes and stored in a side room. This will leave you with approximately 450 square feet of padded floor space.




    I have a cabinet which has a wide range of BDSM/kink related items in it. The items in the cabinet are impact tools for flogging, spanking, whipping and electrical play. Since the items in this cabinet require a bit more skill, knowledge and in some cases specific instructions on its usage as well as additional sanitizing (which I do) after usage, there is a $50 fee for using the items in the cabinet. You are welcome to bring your own gear but if you would like to include the use of my equipment, please let me know. I'm happy to show you the contents when you arrive at the space to let you make your decision then. The cabinet is the two large mirrored doors that you see in the picture below. Arm and leg restraints (to the left of the cabinet and in the image below) are always available for your use.



    Much of the gear and toys and some of the equipment that I have in the studio comes from Fort Troff. They are on online retailer with tons of fun toys for your kinky playtime. Please check them out by clicking on the banner below. Their customer service is second to none. I can't say enough great things about them.



    The bathroom is separate from the main play room and includes a shower/claw foot tub. It is on an elevated platform and is accessible from both sides if needed. Towels, washcloths, soap, shampoo, hand-soap, mouthwash, deodorant, Q-tips and lotion are available and complimentary.



    Located behind the curtains (in the first picture with the massage table) in the main play room is a full kitchenette. There is a side-by-side refrigerator/freezer with an exterior water dispenser. An electric 4-eye stove, oven, microwave, dishwasher and sink complete the kitchen facilities. There are plates, silverware, pots and pans, cups, napkins, bottle openers and salt/pepper grinders for your use as well. You are welcome to use anything in the kitchen during your visit at no extra charge.




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