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Hello, my name is Michael and I am the main crow here at the Crow's Nest Escape. I am the one who will be handling your rental from start to end. When you arrive for the first time, I will greet you at the door and show you around the space. I'll give you instructions on how to operate things within the space and help you set-up as needed. I'll return again at the end of your session while you clean-up to take payment from you.



The Crow's Nest Escape is a private fully self-contained playspace which can be rented by the hour, by the day or overnight. Everything that you could need for your visit is provided for you. The rental fees are for renting the space only. There are no therapists included or available. The rates below are for a 1-6 person rental period. For groups larger than 6 people an extra $50 surcharge will be added to account for the extra usage. All major credit cards and cash are accepted for payment. No checks please.

You will be responsible for the cost of any missing or broken items at the end of your stay. A $100 deposit (which is one hours rental rate) will be taken when you arrive. This deposit will be used for a single hour rental or applied to your account for a multi-hour rental.



For any rental, there is a $25 setup fee then the hourly rental rate is $75. The maximum hourly rental is 6 hours. Any time over 6 hours is considered a full day rental. This structure gives you the following rental rates:

  • 1 hour  = $100
  • 2 hours = $175
  • 3 hours = $250
  • 4 hours = $325
  • 5 hours = $400
  • 6 hours = $475



A day rental of 12 hours is available for a rate of $600. Set-up and clean-up are included within the time parameters. Day rental times typically begin from 8am until noon. Overnight rental rates go into effect at 9pm.



The space may be rented for an entire 24 hour period which is from 9am - 9am. That rental rate is $800.



The space may be rented for an extended period of time. Please contact Michael directly to discuss a rate for your needs and rental period.



Professional bodyworkers and therapists are welcome to rent the space for their sessions, classes or meetings. If you are a service provider and interested in renting the space for your work, please contact me directly to discuss this. Different rental fees apply to you based upon your needs and I am happy to discuss that with you prior to your rental.

If you would like to reserve time in the Crow's Nest, please contact Michael directly by email at the address below. Please include the date, start time and duration that you would like to reserve. If you have questions that the site has not answered, I'm happy to help. I look forward to hearing from you and helping you to enjoy the beautiful space I have created for your fun.

S i t e   c o  n t e n t   c o p y r i g h t      2 0 1 6 ,   T h e   C r o w ' s   N e s t   E s c a p e