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The nest

Diane Killer Tour


With the aim of promoting new approaches to BDSM and creating cultural events between the USA and France around original practices, we organized the BDSM Art Tour. More precisely, the Needle Play Tour or Diane Killer Tour! I am passionate about the extreme mediums of BDSM, which I like to make soft and beautiful for as many people as possible. I regularly work on these subjects in workshops, performances and shows in France and Europe. Deploying different needle-play with these artistic relationships has been our spearhead for over three years with my team of performers. We also offer trainings and alternative scenes around mummification, fire play, burlesque BDSM and extreme CBT. And so much more.

With the passion that drives us, we wanted to meet all the possible faces of BDSM and experience rewarding encounters where knowledge is exported and passed on beyond borders. So we thought of setting up an international tour with partnerships. We hoped we could also see the birth of beautiful friendships along the way. We're in the process of creating a place in France that will host residencies of BDSM artistic performances, as well as actors and practitioners of both traditional and experimental SM.


Because we deeply love our professions and our lives full of thrills, we want to pass on as much as we receive from the diversity of our encounters. For us, this US Tour is a clearly decided and truly convinced path. We look forward to meeting you, learning from you and passing on our methods in return. The link between France and the United States could become a regular collaboration in the future, and our place could also welcome you from the summer of 2024 and beyond.

We like specialties, original methods and out-of-the-ordinary personalities, and we'll be there to offer you something new, something we're sure you'll be just as excited about in return. In addition to workshops, performances and meetings, we'll be offering private sessions, custom-made needle-play masterpieces and private or group trainings on a variety of practices. The French Touch of BDSM arrives in the hope of creating a strong link between our two communities and transmitting as much as possible to all. We're also working on a trilogy: Getting under my Skin, which will soon be translated into English. The third volume of it is called BDSM'ART; it will be a report on BDSM Arts, in France and internationally, showing the incredible work of their best representatives. 

Thank you for joining us.

Diane Killer et Ozkar

Contact us at for inquires or to get scheduled for any of our offerings while in Seattle.

See more of Diane's work on X: @diane_killer.

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