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We at the Crow’s Nest Escape care about everyone’s safety. We would like to provide you with information on the changes we are implementing in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Just like our planet, the Crow’s Nest Escape is shared space. Each of our actions affect others. Working together we can ensure everyone’s safety.


We are open for rentals but at this time only for groups of 5 or less. For new renters, we offer “minimal contact” rentals. When you arrive for your rental, your host will meet you (wearing a mask), show you around and support you in getting yourself setup within the space. There is plenty of room for social distancing during this but the host will wear a mask to keep the air as clear as possible for your rental. Repeat renters will be able to

enter the space alone and the host will be available to support them via video chat as needed.

During the mandatory statewide closure, we used the time to refresh and upgrade the studio. The following is a summary of our changes:


  • The entire studio was deep cleaned

  • Every wall was repainted

  • Hand-sanitizer dispensers have been installed throughout the space

  • Air purifiers and an air conditioner are active to clear the air in all rooms

  • A window fan is available if fresh outside air is desired

  • Cleaning and disinfecting supplies (listed below) are available for renters use before and after the rental

  • Weekly deep cleanings are now scheduled

  • Enhanced cleaning protocols are in place for all rentals

  • Everyone is asked to leave their shoes at the front door

  • Guests are encouraged to leave non-essential items out of the main studio

  • We are leaving 1 hour before and after any rental as quiet time to allow the air to be cleared after cleaning

  • Anyone with a fever registering above 99 will not be allowed in for any reason

  • OxiClean is added to every laundry cycle to disinfect all items

  • Disposable and reusable face masks are available for all guests

  • Nitrile gloves are available for all guests

  • Fresh linens will be available but no longer already in place

  • Clean towels will still be available for use



The following represents the enhanced cleaning procedure that are now implemented at The Crow’s Nest Escape in light of the COVID-19 outbreak. These steps are what is being done before and after each rental. The following items will be cleaned/disinfected and sterilized as appropriate:


  • The massage table, sling, platform, bench, chains and connector hooks

  • All door handles, key pads, faucets and shower hardware

  • All usable surfaces, drawer pulls, remote controls and electronics panels

  • All seating surfaces

  • All lighting controls/switches

  • All sharable equipment will be cleaned, disinfected and then put through UV sterilization


The products necessary to repeat any of these steps will be available to all renters. We know that everyone is on high alert and so if re-cleaning things before you use them is desired, we will have the products necessary for that so that you can relax and enjoy your visit.


*** To accommodate this,15 free minutes will be added to front and end of each rental so that you can come in and do any pre-play cleaning that you desire. ***

This time can be used at the end to ensure you have done the best possible cleaning job to help protect our staff. Side note: the above cleaning will still happen after your rental but your efforts at cleaning/clearing any items that you used is deeply appreciated.


The following cleaning products are used and available for your use:

  • Clorox and Generic Multi-Surface Cleaner with Bleach

  • HD Orange Cleaner

  • OPTIM Cleaner

  • Cavicide Wipes

  • Window Cleaner

  • 2 UV light cleaners

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