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the hideout



The Hideout is our new, sexy, multi-room playspace designed to create a cozy, intimate atmosphere. The entry room is casual and subtle, with a kitchen area for cleanup and a separate bathroom. The main attraction is the well-stocked dungeon.


This studio brings together the best of two worlds. The entry room is designed to feel like a visit to someone's home, with a color scheme of gray and black. Hidden accents make the room fun to explore, including a massage table, a three-person leather sofa, a full-size bed, and two seats. This room alone could provide everything you need. However, the farther in you go, the more is revealed.


Passing through the entry room leads you to our custom-designed bathroom. This room features a 3-4 person shower with a showerhead on each side of the fully tiled shower area. One showerhead is a rainfall showerhead, while the other has a hand-held nozzle in addition to the showerhead. Both showerheads have multiple spray settings. The shower area is enclosed by glass shower doors. The bathroom is designed in black, and features a black sink and toilet to complete the look.


The final room is hidden from casual visitors. However, once you find the entrance to the deepest part of the studio, you will discover the fun. The dungeon features a peaked ceiling that reaches 15 feet, and an entire wall of floggers is available for you to choose from. We have built a custom Unistrut system that is ideal for supporting slings and is at a height perfect for bondage and suspension play. On our gear wall, you'll find everything you need to get your play going, including cuffs, hoods, ropes, floggers, whips, gags, blindfolds, collars, and all sorts of fun things to explore.


If you would like to see some short videos on using various equipment and features of The Hideout, please check out our videos on YouTube.

Click image below to open YouTube in a new window


Be secreted away inside The Hideout

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