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The Nest at TCNE


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Once you pass through our lower security door, you will enter our private space. To reach The Nest, you'll need to climb a flight of stairs (above left). Inside the studio, you'll find a private three-piece bathroom, a main playroom, and a connecting hallway. The bathroom features a claw-foot bathtub.

The decor of The Nest is soft, with blues, blacks, silvers, and grays being the predominant colors. The playroom's ceiling height and room size make this studio feel grand.


Our BDSM gear is stored inside a mirrored cabinet, and the furnishings are soft to create a comfortable, safe, and sensual space, like a cozy nest. Our goal is for everyone to feel at ease in the environment, regardless of their interests or level of experience. Inside our gear cabinet, you'll find everything you need to get your play going. We have cuffs, hoods, ropes, floggers, whips, gags, blindfolds, collars, and all sorts of fun things to explore.

Our main studio has 16ft ceilings, and we have built a custom Unistrut system that is ideal for supporting slings and is at a height that is perfect for bondage and suspension play. Additionally, we have a hoist in the center of the room that can support up to 500 pounds, making suspension play a breeze. Feel free to ask about our safety harness for easy use of the hoist during suspension play.

In our intimate conversation space, we have a three-person sofa and two side chairs. Additionally, we offer a wide, extra-padded massage table with an overhead infrared heater to keep you warm. We also provide warmers to heat the oils and lubes. The studio's walls are made entirely of cement, ensuring that sound remains contained within the space.

The Nest

The Nest

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