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Where are the studios located?

The studios are located in the SoDo district which is immediately south of downtown Seattle. They are very near the light-rail lines (SoDo station) and a short walk from the major sporting arenas. Specific directions will be given to renters.

Is there a minimum age required to rent?

Yes, while we do not serve alcohol or food, we consider ourselves an adult playspace and choose to rent only to those 21 and over. 

Is there a deposit required?

Yes, 25% of the total rental to hold the rental. Please see the "rental info" page for full details.

How many people can I bring with me?

The rental rate is for 6 adults. If you have more than 6 people renting the space a small additional surcharge of $100 is added to your total. There may be an additional charge added for very large groups but we can discuss this as part of the rental process.



How many people can the studios hold?

We believe that our studios work best for smaller, more intimate groups, therefore we limit our group sizes to 8-10 people. Each space only has one bathroom and was designed for smaller gatherings.



Are there cameras in the studios?

No. There is a security camera by the doors. This can only see the entry space by the doors. We are happy to point these cameras out to you. For privacy, no cameras are in either play space.

May I take photos/videos while in the space?

Absolutely. We've created the space to be a fun and inviting space to play in. We welcome you to take all the pics you want of yourself having fun in the space. Professional photographers use the space frequently. There are interior and exteriors spaces which are great for photos.


Is there streaming music available?

Yes. Pandora is streaming on a table in each studio. We have many preset channels based upon mood/theme. You may also use our stereo jacks or bluetooth connect to play your music.


How private is the studio?

Each studio is very private. With cement walls in every direction and no directly attached neighbors and a private entrance to both spaces, your privacy is assured. Rentals are booked with at least an hour between them so that there is no crossover on the way in or out.

What happens if I break something? 

This amount you will be charged is how much it will cost me to replace the item and not the value of the item currently in the space. If anything is not functioning properly or slightly damaged before you rent the space, allowances will be made of course. You will be charged the full replacement value of any items that are simply missing. Exact charges will be given as needed.


How far in advance do I need to schedule? How far out can I schedule? 

We have no advance scheduling requirements. If the space is available, you can rent it. However we do not offer same day rentals because we need time to get things set for your rental with our staff. The process takes about 24 hours. Advanced scheduling gets you more time options. You are welcome to schedule as far into the future as you desire.

What forms of payment do you accept? 

We accept all major charge cards.

Do I need to bring towels or sheets?

No. Everything you need will be provided. There are towels for bathing and hand towels for use while you are in the space. Sheets for the bed and massage table are included in your rental. However you are more than welcome to bring any towels or sheets that you want for you own personal needs.

Can suspensions be done in the studios?

Yes. We have o-rings in the ceiling in the main play space which you are welcome to tie into. Only the o-ring and carabineers are provided. Riggers will need to provide any other equipment needed. Some ropes are available within the space for your use. There is also a hoist available for use at The Nest.

I don't have a lot BDSM gear. Is there any for use in the studios?

We are completely stocked with a full range of impact tools/toys. Your rental includes the use of all of its contents for your visit. There are restraints (restraints, chains, floggers, whips, ropes, collars, paddles and all things related) which are available for your use without any additional charges.

We just want a romantic getaway space. Will the space be too edgy for us? 

Not at all. We’ve decorated the space with “sexy” in mind rather than “dungeon”. At the Nest, we’ve used blue as the primary color throughout to keep the look lighter and sexier than a standard black leather dungeon. All the tools for BDSM play are locked in a cabinet and thus out of plain sight. There are pieces of equipment within the space that may be a little off-putting to the meeker individuals. If this is a problem for you, we're happy to move them out of the main room and into storage for your session at no additional charge. At the Hideout, the dungeon is in it's own private room and out of sight.

Can I get a massage while I'm there?

There are massage tables in each space but we do not have any practitioners. The rates quoted are only for space rental. If you would like to schedule a therapist for your time in the space, you will need to set that up separately with that provider. We can NOT make suggestions to you for contacting practitioners. We are however happy to work with your practitioner on getting access to the studio so have them contact us.

Is there a hot tub or spa within the studios?

There is a claw-foot bath tub at The Nest. If you want some time in a hot tub or spa services, you can check with of our wonderful neighbors at The Little Red Day Spa.

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