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The Hideout at The Crow’s Nest Escape (TCNE)

Located in the Old Rainier Brewery (ORB)

3100 Airport Way South

Unit 5A-200A

Seattle, WA 98134

The Hideout is located in the building behind the Little Red Day Spa. Directions to the building entrance are below:

  1. When you arrive at the Old Rainier Brewery (photo 1), park in the lot closest to Lula Coffee Co. You'll be following the path marked in red.

  2. Across the entrance to Lula's, are a set of steps that lead up to the leasing office. Go up those steps and turn right at the top (photo 2).

  3. Follow the pathway until you see the entrance in Photo 3.

  4. Look for our logo in the window (photo 3). The door where you'll enter is to the right of that window.

  5. Walk to the door in Photo 4 and press the button for TCNE. It is the only button there.

  6. You will be greeted momentarily at the door seen in Photo 4.

Photo 1

Hideout Aerial View.png

Photo 2

Photo 3

hideout near view.png

Photo 4

Parking: There should be ample free parking available in the building’s parking lot (in front of Little Red Day Spa). You will see signs around the parking lot stating that there is a 2-hour limit. If you receive a parking citation, take a clear photo of it, send it to us, and it will be voided.

Bus and Light Rail:

If you prefer to take the light rail instead of driving please contact us for additional directions if needed. It’s about a 15-minute walk from the SODO station (light rail) to the ORB.


Here is the Sound Transit webpage for the lightrail schedule.


Here is the link to the Metro page to search a bus route itinerary to the Old Rainier Brewery. There is a bus stop directly in front of the brewery.

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